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Thread: Snore elections soon!

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    Default Snore elections soon!

    Many of you have asked (or maybe just wondered) what it means, or what it takes to be a SNORE officer or Board Member.
    It's not a matter of signing your life away at all, but an offering of a little of your personal time to the sport that you already love. We all come from different backgrounds and that has proven essentially instrumental and very helpful in getting our events put on. Our differences and diversity is what makes us solid and historic in this market. It's always a pleasant surprise to find out that something or someone you or I know can be a contributing factor to promoting off road racing without even knowing the potential was there! We're always open to fresh ideas and perspectives to stay in tune with our you, our membership and customers!
    We have one Board of Directors meeting per month that we (board members) get together and talk about aspects and requirements of our future events, activities and challenges that we are faced with. We all offer input to coordinate these topics and divide and conquer them collectively. It's that simple!
    There is one General Membership meeting per month as well, that is basically to inform the membership of what the board of directors has discussed and working on and also take input from the membership for the operations of SNORE. Participation in these meetings is a great way to understand how and why things happen and also, make a difference in the direction of SNORE and the sport of off road racing. What other racing organization offers you this opportunity? None that I know of! That is what makes SNORE so great and long-lasting in this industry!

    Next Tuesday, please come to the SNORE General Membership meeting and get involved in your future, if you can please! "Thank You!" for your time!

    John Pellissier
    S.N.O.R.E. VP
    I'm a DUSTHOLE!!!

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    Sorry I missed the meeting, I am in utah this week.

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