Torco Race Fuels is proud to be apart of SNORE. We have a full line up of fuels available to meet all your needs. We are also all setup with a contingency program as well. We will be onsite for all the SNORE races. If you have any questions please let me know.


Eric Hernandez
Phone: 480-717-9937
Fax: 480-288-9386

Pricing Per Gallon

Torco T-85 (E-85) $5.00

Torco T-98 (E-98) $9.00

Torco 100 Unleaded $9.00

Torco 108 Unleaded $11.00

Torco 110 $9.00

Torco 112 $11.00

Torco 114 $12.00

Torco 116 $13.00

Torco 118 $15.00