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Motion Tire 300 Results

Off Road Racing Community Opens its Arms to Fallen Battle At Primm Racer

Usually after one of our races, SNORE typically would quickly post an article boasting about the event, giving kudos to the racers, thanking all of our volunteers and sponsors and give highlights of the weekend’s event but this race was different. We felt that time needed to pass in order to reflect, wounds to start to heal, and we needed to take a moment to pause out of respect for Jeff’s family and friends. Yes, it was a weekend of great racing, huge spectating crowds and excitement, but tragically, reality about how dangerous our sport can be and how lives can be changed in an instance, came to be that Saturday afternoon when race car #3002 crashed during Saturday’s afternoon heat.

As soon as the call for the air ambulance came and as you watched it circle around the course to land, you could feel the mood change and actually sense the concern that everyone had for their fellow fallen racer. The focus had changed from enthusiastically watching racers get big air at the dyke jump to one of concern and prayers for the two racers who had crashed in a single car accident on the course. The driver suffered a severe laceration and was taken by ambulance to the hospital but his dear friend and co-driver, suffered injuries so severe, that a few days later, he succumbed to those injuries and tragically passed away on February 28, 2014 with family and friends by his side.


Head & Neck Restraint Requirement

SNORE, a leader in off road safety, was the FIRST desert racing organization to require fire suits for drivers back in the 1970's and the FIRST desert racing promoter to require side window safety nets. SNORE has again stepped up and will lead the desert racers to a new plateau of safety. All racing participants (drivers, co-drivers/passengers) will be required to wear head and neck restraints at all of our future events beginning with the Cedar City Grand Prix in May of this year, 2014. There is scientific proof that head and neck restraints have been proven to reduce serious injuries that are associated with desert racing as well as all other forms of auto racing. Therefore, SNORE believes it is now time to impliment this new safety rule and raise the standard for safety in off road racing.

Battle At Primm Results

We would sincerely like to apologize for the delay in posting the results from our race last weekend but due to the unfortunate theft of our timing laptop computer the night before our first day of racing and other unforeseen events that occurred during the weekend, it made it extremely complicated to tabulate the results. We appreciate your patience and hope you understand that we have done everything we can to get the results to you as soon as it was physically possible.

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The current Clark County OHV open area park was set up in 1987 and only 9000 acres. The population in Southern NV has grown 10 times since then. A new larger OHV park is desperately needed.

The Silver State Solar South Project has plans for a highly used OHV area just north of Primm, NV. They are asking to take 4000 more acres of Nevada lands to build more solar panels to send power to Los Angeles area.

Now the BLM is planning to turn the rest of the Jean, Nv - Primm area into a ACEC (Area of Critical Environmental Concern) to protect the desert tortoise because the solar plant project will displace the tortoises existing habitat, minimizing their leftover lands to dwell.

I strongly urge you to turn the Jean dry lake valley into a ”designated” OHV open area and OHV park so Las Vegans have a place to recreate.

The state line BLM district manages 3,300,000 acres.

Out of that area, the Las Vegas valley and Apex valley, totaling 1,700,000 acres are closed to OHV use due to dust control.

The state line district has 20 wilderness and wilderness study areas that total 790,000 acres that are closed to OHV use as well.

The state line BLM district has 2 national conservation areas that total 245,000 acres that are closed to OHV use.
The state line BLM district has 18 ACECs that are closed to competitive OHV use that
total 680,000 acres.

The state line BLM district has set aside 9,800 acres for OHV use and 5,500 Acres is closed to competitive events. This 4,300 acres is less than one tenth of a percent of the land that BLM manages in the state line district and this needs to
be addressed!

Help us keep public lands open to the public!

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SCR21 Fuel Tanks
Safety fuel cells are optional and should be mounted somewhere safe 
within the confines of the roll cage, and may have any capacity. Safety Fuel cells 
are the only auxillary fuel tanks allowed. Stock fuel tanks may be used in the 
stock location only.

Terrible Herbst Motor Sports Garage Championship Series


SNORE is excited to announce Terrible Herbst Motor Sports Garage as the series sponsor for the 2013 SNORE season. Terrible Herbst Motor Sports Garage is adding $10,000 to the SNORE points fund for 2013 giving the overall champion close to $20,000 based on this years entry's.