PCI Race Radios SNORE 250 – February 12th - 13th – Kingman, AZ

Race & Bonus Information

We will be racing a 45 mile course in beautiful Kingman AZ with the Limited Vehicles starting in the morning and the Unlimited Vehicles starting in the afternoon. There will be a Grand Prix finish for both heats. Tech and Contingency & Registration will be at Main Pit.

Class 9 Bonus $5000 - 3 car minimum, bonus on top of regular payback, with 10 cars winner takes home $5000

Schedule Of Events

Saturday, February 6, 2021

9:00 AM (Vegas Time)
Course Marking

Friday, February 12, 2021

211:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fun-Run Registration $20
Main Pit

12:00 PM
Fun-Run $20

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Main Pit

2:15 PM – 6:15 PM
Main Pit

Driver’s Meeting

Volunteer Registration
For any and all volunteer/media related registration, please reach out to Angie Mitchell at (702) 202-7815



*Keep in mind we will be running under Arizona time for this event. Please make sure to pay attention and plan accordingly!

Subject to Change: 02/10/21

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Heat One

Staging: 7:30AM

Start: 8:00AM

SXS Turbo (4 laps), 1600 (5 laps), SXS NA, Unlimited Sportsman, 9, 5/1600, Limited Sportsman, 2000, Sportsman Truck (4 laps)

Stock Bug (3 laps)

Heat Two

Staging: 12:30PM

Start: 1:00PM

Class 1, UT,  6100, 10, 12 (5 laps)

1450 (4 laps)

*There will be no awards ceremony for this event.


*Subject to Change: 02/10/21

Drivers Notes




- Race lap is approximately 45 miles.

  • Start Order for classes is:
    • Heat One
      • Staging: 7:30AM
      • Start: 8:00AM
      • S/F Close: 11:30AM
        • SXS Turbo (4 laps), 1600 (5 laps), SXS NA, 9, 5/1600, Limited Sportsman, 2000, Sportsman Truck (4 laps) Stock Bug (3 laps)
    • Heat Two
      • Staging: 12:30PM
      • Start: 1:00PM
      • S/F Close: 4:50PM
        • Class 1, UT,  6100, 10, 12 (5 laps) 1450 (4 laps)
  • AM Heat - 60 second time intervals between each car.
  • PM Heat -60 second time intervals between each car.

- Start/finish is a complete stop until the flagman motions you to proceed.

- Absolutely no chasing or running parts on the racecourse – all retrieval will be done by SNORE; please be sure to carry water & food in your race vehicle as there are several areas that cannot be retrieved until the race is over.

- All pit speed limits are 35 mph.

- Speeding penalties will be issued based on the severity of the infraction – Board of Directors & Officials not racing will be monitoring areas not shown on the map as checkpoints - decisions are final.

-  There will be visual checkpoints marked with tall flags. You must go through the checkpoints.


- Only one main pit. There will be no outside pits.

- Pit passes MUST be on the windshield of your vehicle with your vehicle number. Wristbands must be worn. If found without you will not be allowed into the pits/escorted out.

- All personnel associated with your race team must have a wristband issued at registration to enter pit area.  All pit personnel needs hi-visible clothing that is reflective.

- If you are found with fake/duplicated credentials you will be disqualified.

- No team interference with SNORE Relay unless reporting a roll over or car in need of assistance.


- SNORE personnel will be using side‐by‐sides and rhinos for race operations and will be marked as official. DO NOT assume that because you see one of these vehicles being operated, it is okay for you to operate yours.

ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, USE OF NARCOTICS, OR CONTOLLED SUBSTANCES in the pit areas during the event. If you or anyone associated with your team is found drinking or under the influence, you will be DISQUALIFIED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

-SGE1 – Any entrant who fails to fully fill out and sign required registration forms and releases shall be disqualified and shall forfeit any prize money, points, and contingencies won in that particular event.


  • Heat One: 7:30AM – Heat Two: 12:30PM
  • Do not crowd staging
  • Wristbands and helmet stickers will be checked at staging.
  • If you are late to your staging times you will be put to the back of your class regardless of draw position. DO NOT BE LATE


- Do not hit the barricades, cones etc.

- Do not hit the timing loop.

- No nerfing stock bugs; SNORE recommends that you have a horn that is 115 db so cars move over when they hear. Flashlights to let cars know you are passing. No quads, dirt bikes or UTV’S allowed near the course during the race.

-RACERS. You are responsible for not only yourself, but for everyone on your team and in your pit(s). Please be respectful to all SNORE personnel. If you or anyone from your team is found to have been disrespectful to any SNORE Official and/or volunteer, you will be subject to a penalty and/or a DQ.

SNORE Relay channel 151.625

Maps & GPS

Host Hotel

  • Kingman Hotels
  • Best Western Plus King’s Inn Ramada by Wyndham Motel 6
  • Days Inn
  • La Quinta
  • Home 2 Suites by Hilton Red Roof Inn
  • Hampton Inn and Suites Holiday Inn Express
  • Super 8
  • Clarion Inn
  • Spring Hill Suites
  • Travelodge

Race Fuel Distributors

F&L Race Fuel - Valley Performance
(702) 873-1962

Sunoco Race Fuel
Bill Rodriquez (619) 247-1798
Terri Rodriquez (619) 247-1797

Torco Race Fuel
Rick Madison (928) 216-6676

VP Racing Fuels/ F&L Race Fuel - Amber Racing Services
Contact:  Christy Chavez (562) 432-3946

VP Racing Fuels - Funny’s VP Racing
Contact. Jody Crotts (702) 355-3257