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Thread: Ivanpah airport takes BAP out

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    Default Ivanpah airport takes BAP out

    I received a call from the BLM on the proposed Ivanpah airport expansion .They said the airport is looking to expand the boundary's to have a nose buffer and for future development. The map I was sent would take the airport land south to the state line and north past Jean . That would make it impossible to access Primm for the mint 400 and take out part of the roach dry lake the track is in red and boundary purple . For BAP it would take out the north pit and dry lake and the south going to state line. This is still in the planning stages so we can still fit it but we must start now.
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    Well that really sucks....airport for what? I'm sorry, I just don't see that area being a "destination" for anyone except racers.

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