Long ago, SNORE hooked up with KC HiLites to take the sport of off-road racing to another level

Many years ago, the Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts had a good idea as it was related to off-road racing. The group decided to take its off-road race under the lights, thanks to an uncanny and invaluable sponsorship created by SNORE and KC HiLites.

Scheduled this year from July 24-25, the Midnight Special is the result of a conference many years ago. With soaring temperatures during the period of time, it was determined that the race should be run in the evening hours.

With 115 degree weather not uncommon in late July, the old-timers of the sport met at John Herda’s Sawdust Saloon to discuss what could be done with regards to the high temperatures. Thus, a marriage made in heaven was created.

SNORE picked up an excellent sponsor and KC HiLites picked up the best way to sell top-notch lights.

SNORE’s leaders made one phone call — that’s all, and the rest was history.

You see, the sport of off-road racing was continually reaching out for new secrets when you consider that if a component could survive an off-road race, it damned well could survive most anything and with that in mind, Marketing 101 would blare that the sport of off-road racing had taken another step to the modernization of off-road racing and the competitors that dominate the sport.

The Midnight Special is a special kind of off-road racing highlighted by special characters. Ranging from the Common Joe all the way up to the major six-figure folks, SNORE off-road racing competitors and their pit crews create stories that will last for decades.

The idea of running lights on an off-road race car during the night time took off instantly. Suddenly, drivers that curtailed any of racing Southern Nevada during the summer decided to run Las Vegas and the newly-named Midnight Special during the summer.

One father and daughter team which patronizes the all-new SNORE is Sarah Koeth and her dad, John, who also races.

If nothing else, the interesting lights on the race cars generate looks from on-lookers that have never been to the Dry Lake Bed at night just south of the highway to the deepest part of the valley.

“We got everything handled,” said John Pellissier, a member of the SNORE board of directors and long time race officials. “We started marking the course at 6 a.m. in the morning, and it was actually very good. We have new volunteers out.”

Pellissier said the pre-race tech inspection would be held the 25th of the month.

The Koeth family is entrenched in off-road racing. Father, John, is also big on the sport.

Pellissier said the South Point hotel casino is sponsoring the KC HiLites event.
For further information regarding SNORE, please contact www.snoreracing.net.

The Midnight Special race will begin at about; driver registration from 2:30 p.m. Friday July 24; while tech and inspection will be held from 3-6 in the north parking lot of the South Point.

The race starts Saturday at 8:30 p.m.

The awards are set for Sunday morning at the start-finish line.

By Mike Henle