SNORE heads for Caliente for Skull Rush 250 May 29-30

Caliente, Nev. — The Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts returns to Caliente for the SNORE Skull Rush May 29-30.

With a field of about 100 entries, the Skull Rush 250 is invading a home-away-from-home for the umpteenth time with the continued beauty of an area adored by SNORE’s competitors.

This small town of about 1,000 residents is good for off-road racing and anyone with any kind of business in Caliente welcomes the event with open arms every yearthat is about 180 miles north of Las Vegas.

While so many off-road races take on the desert for annual events, this particular showdown is multi-purpose considering that (a) it’s a small town and (b) the uniqueness of this particular race includes water that drivers must contend with in the mountain terrain along with (c) a fascinating layout on “Oh My God Hill” that requires all vehicles accepting a wild challenge while remembering that this particular challenge especially tests crew members to make sure the brakes on their vehiclesare in save working condition.

Also unique about the race in Caliente is an annual autograph session at the elementary school that is patronized by fans every year.

To say that the race in Caliente is met with open arms is a definite understatement, whether you’re fascinated by the history of the race or the history related to the town considering that even the hard ware store has been a part of the town for more than four decades.

For enthusiasts that enjoy old trains, you needn’t look any further than the middle of town considering that Union Pacific shows up without warning at all hours of the day or night.

Caliente isn’t Disneyland, but it’s close, especially with its support for SNORE’s seasonal debut.

In fact, the history of Caliente is so fascinating that one Southern California attorney, tired of the hubbub of the so-called “Golden State,” and his wife (her name was Roxy), picked up everything they had and moved to Caliente many years ago just in time to purchase the Lincoln County Record.They also operated a horse ranch for prized Appaloosas – and you could never find a happier family in those days than the one headed by attorney Tom Clay, a chain-smoking character who could have run for mayor of Lincoln County, if he had ever wanted to move into politics.

Chad Cummings, 52, is entered in the race, and for good reason. He has won multiple category championships with SNORE over the years, and you can bet he will be front-and-center for the Caliente showdown.

Cummings is a highly talented driver who will be traveling more than 1,000 miles round trip.

“It’s a fun place to race,” said Cummings, a race car mechanic who hails from Oak Hills, Calif.,in the high desert. “You have to be patient in Caliente.Caliente is obviously technical. It’s a driver’s track up there,” said Cummings, who won the overall title for SNORE in 2019 driving a Class 12 buggy.“SNORE is a very family-based group of people.”

Cummings is the 2020 Checkers Off-Road President. Veteran racer Joe David is the vice president.

By Mike Henle